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Estate Planning for
and Families

Estate Planning is a complex area that has many facets and complexities.
Whether you are coming to this for the first time or revising existing plans
our expert team is here to help and advise you how to get it right so that
your estate is safeguarded for your beneficiaries

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Our Simple Process to Success

Whether you are writing your will for the first time, planning how you want your estate to be treated after you’re gone, or putting support in place should you need it, our process is simple and effective.


Get to Know You:

We run through a detailed fact find so that we can really understand what you want to achieve.


Apply our Expertise:

Our detailed knowledge of regulation and the law means that we can work with you to develop the right structure to meet your particular requirements.

We Support You:

We know some of the decisions you will make are difficult, so we’ll listen, advise and support you through the whole process.


The Paperwork:

We’ll take care of as much of the paperwork as we can, including helping you complete forms and information correctly and ensuring submissions are completed correctly, on time and without issue.


Your will isn’t simply a document that lays out how your estate is to be divided, and who your beneficiaries are. It is a complex document that lays out your final wishes. You can lay out who would care for your children, for example, in the event of your death. You can decide who you wish to receive particular treasured items, and of course, it details how your estate is to be managed after your death.

Here at Will Protect, we understand that writing a will can be an emotional, difficult process, so we work hard to support you as you decide how you want to articulate your final wishes. And of course, we will give you all of the advice that you need to mitigate unnecessary taxation and mitigate any risk from sideways inheritance and other issues that can arise from a poorly written will.


There are several different trusts that can be utilised in different ways to reduce the tax liability, particularly inheritance tax, in an estate. They are an effective tool for defending assets from attack and ensuring that your beneficiaries receive what you wish to leave them. This is a complex area of law, and we would recommend that you always seek professional advice before attempting to create a trust.

Our team has the expert knowledge to advise on the best course of action during the estate planning process and can help you decide whether a trust is right for your circumstances, how to create one properly, and incorporate in your will.

Funeral Plans

When you die your family will naturally begin the grieving process. Arranging a funeral at this time can be a harrowing, stressful experience for many. Putting a funeral plan in place means that you can reduce the burden on your family of having to make all of the arrangements, and relieve them of the financial burden that comes with it. And your plan means that your wishes are recorded and carried out according to your instructions.

We can help you record your wishes for your funeral, and put the investment plan in place that will pay for your funeral.

Our clients are very happy to work with us

I cannot praise Will Protect highly enough. A personable and friendly organisation, but yet still professional and punctual. Their consultants are happy to work in the evenings to accomodate my work, and happy to explain the process to me. They make the will writing process a breeze, and ensure that your assets will be distributed as you want them to when the time comes. I am happy to recommend their services.
Mr G O’Daly

I would highly recommend Will Protect. They have recently created and registered Lasting Powers of Attorney for us. Following my initial telephone conversation with our advisor, I had no concerns and remained fully reassured about all aspects of the work. Our advisor was prompt, friendly, professional and reliable. I would definitely contact Will Protect again if we required any further work.
Mr & Mrs T Dacre

Will Protect were very efficient and effective in their dealings with us. Their friendly and thorough approach to their task was very reassuring when dealing with the sensitive subject of wills and estate planning. Nothing is too much trouble and our advisor gave freely of his time to ensure we understood and were happy with our wills. We found him to be knowledgeable and competent and have happily recommended him to our friends.
Dr & Mrs R Sharples