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Executor or Administrator,
the support you need from
beginning to end of probate

Whether you are named as executor to a will or have to apply for letters of
administration if there was no will, we’ll support you every step of the way

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Our Simple Process to Success

Whether you are writing your will for the first time, planning how you want your estate to be treated after you’re gone, or putting support in place should you need it, our process is simple and effective.


Get to Know You:

We run through a detailed fact find so that we can really understand what you want to achieve.


Apply Our Expertise:

Our detailed knowledge of regulation and the law means that we can work with you to develop the right structure to meet your particular requirements.

We Support You:

We know some of the decisions you will make are difficult, so we’ll listen, advise and support you through the whole process.


The Paperwork:

We’ll take care of as much of the paperwork as we can, including helping you complete forms and information correctly and ensuring submissions are completed correctly, on time and without issue.

Managing Probate

Only certain people can apply for probate top deal with the estate of someone who has died. It depends on whether that person has left a will or not. If there is a will then that person or people will be named as executors in the will. If there is no will then only a spouse, child or civil partner can apply to the Probate Office to act an “Administrator” to the estate left behind. You will receive letters of administration to prove that you are legally entitled to deal with the estate.

In the case of a will where an individual is named in the will or named as an executor you can apply to the Probate Office for Probate.

Ensuring that an estate is correctly dealt with in accordance with the instructions in a will can be challenging, complex and time consuming. It can also mean dealing with the final affairs of a loved one, so emotional and upsetting. We understand the emotional aspects of the Probate process well and will give you the time and space to process your emotions.

Alongside the beginning of the grieving process we can apply our experience to help you understand the final wishes of your loved one, deal with any taxation issues, and ensure that the instructions of the will are carried out efficiently, transparently and in line with the law.

Our clients are very happy to work with us

I cannot praise Will Protect highly enough. A personable and friendly organisation, but yet still professional and punctual. Their consultants are happy to work in the evenings to accomodate my work, and happy to explain the process to me. They make the will writing process a breeze, and ensure that your assets will be distributed as you want them to when the time comes. I am happy to recommend their services.
Mr G O’Daly

I would highly recommend Will Protect. They have recently created and registered Lasting Powers of Attorney for us. Following my initial telephone conversation with our advisor, I had no concerns and remained fully reassured about all aspects of the work. Our advisor was prompt, friendly, professional and reliable. I would definitely contact Will Protect again if we required any further work.
Mr & Mrs T Dacre

Will Protect were very efficient and effective in their dealings with us. Their friendly and thorough approach to their task was very reassuring when dealing with the sensitive subject of wills and estate planning. Nothing is too much trouble and our advisor gave freely of his time to ensure we understood and were happy with our wills. We found him to be knowledgeable and competent and have happily recommended him to our friends.
Dr & Mrs R Sharples