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Why Should I Store My Will In A Secure Storage Facility?

In this post we are going to be writing on why it is so important for you to store your will in a secure storage facility. Below we list several reasons as to why storing your will in a secure storage facility makes sense:

  • The Will cannot ever be lost.
  • Only your Executors/those given express written permission will be allowed to withdraw the Will from Storage.
  • Once your Will has been placed into storage the documents can then be checked independently so as to ensure that they have been signed correctly/everything is legally in order.
  • All documents inherent in the Will are scanned. The electronic copies are then able to be used in an application to Probate if required.
  • A disappointed Beneficiary cannot destroy the Will as they will not be able to gain access to it.
  • Your Executors will know exactly where your Will is located and they will also know what documents are included with it.

Choosing to store your Will (and other legal documents) in a secure storage facility will guarantee the following:

  • Your Will can be found quickly and without fuss when it is required
  • Only your nominated executors are able to access your Will when the time comes
  • Your Will is both legally valid and has been both signed & witnessed correctly

All of our client’s sensitive documentation is stored off site by us in a secure storage unit. We also, as an added precaution scan all signed documents in advance. You will receive confirmation from us when your documents have been stored in our secure unit. This confirmations will include the full details of the document and full contact details confirming where the documents are stored. We adivse that you pass this information onto your nominated Executors as soon as is possible.

Our secure storage solutions can be paid for by Direct Debit and can be charged on a day of your charge; this will be a yearly charge. Should you want us to remove your documents from storage then you will need to make this request to us in writing and where documents are required for more than one party, we require both client signatures. Once this has been confirmed your documents will be retrieved from storage and posted to you.