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Protect Your Will – There Only Needs To Be One Reason Why

There are many ways you can write a Will, from using a napkin one evening in a restaurant when you’re overcome with the need to tell your children how much they mean to you, or online documentation that can be cheap or even free, but will you have the same protection that an estate planning organisation can guarantee.

We don’t want to think about a world in which we can’t be there to tell the people we love, why…

If you have specific plans that you expect to be carried out in the event of your death, the most important thing you can do is create a will with an estate planning organisation that is fully and legally qualified, a member of a recognised trade body, and are trained in wills and estate planning. Then you will have the peace of mind that after you are gone, everything you wish to give, explain and ask, will be completed.

There are many reasons to leave a will other than to offer your children or a local charity your life savings, it’s about asking the people you have in your will to do as you wish.

  • If your children or step children are under the age of eighteen, who are you going to ask to look after them? This involves giving someone the legal right to decide what is the best way to bring up your children.
  • If you are unmarried the law may not recognise this when it comes to financial disputes or legal rights.
  • If you’re divorced, are there specific arrangements you’d like to ensure after you’re gone?
  • If you have pets, where do you wish them go?
  • If you have a definite plan for the way you would like to be buried or cremated, making a Will will help you to express this wish.
  • If you have a property, share a property, have tenants, or property overseas – it’s important to allow those involved a clear understanding of what they can expect should the worst happen.
  • If you own a business of any kind, in any shape or form, a will may be the most important way to establish what will happen next.

To make a Will now rather than later can be in the best interests of not just your wishes but those you mention, and to be able to say that final goodbye, to reach out after you’re gone could stay with them forever.

Will Protect have specialist skills from across the entire legal spectrum to ensure that our clients are exceptionally well represented and their requirements fully met. If you’d like to make sure your affairs are in order should the worst happen, we can help you with our professional and friendly service and our many years of experience.

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