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Some people say dying with their Will written on a piece of paper is better than not having a Will at all. Hopefully that piece of paper is in a safe place, is decipherable and states undoubtedly who, what and how you have settled your affairs. By employing a financial adviser to help you write your Will, will mean there is no confusion and no doubt your wishes are met after you’re gone.

By making a Will with an advisor, will give you the reassurance that everything will be taken care of in the event of your death. Ensuring your savings, assets and possessions go to the people you care about or the charity you have chosen.

You will be avoiding any disputes between relatives that could cost them time, money and painful arguments that only a judge can decide, and still your wishes may not met. By producing a Will with your adviser you will give your family complete understanding of your affairs and how you have settled them.

Wills are put in place to look after loved ones after you’re gone and simplify a strange and confusing time. It means your assets are protected and kept within the family that will be cherished and appreciated for generations. The problem with writing your own Will in this case is clarifying everything, which a financial advisor can help, advise and confirm for you.

Inheritance Tax can be costly for your family and take a chunk of savings and assets that could be put to much better use within your family. If you make a Will yourself, you’ll not know the details to try and cut the tax paid. With an advisor, your Will can be carefully planned to ensure laws are being met at the same time as reducing the amount of inheritance tax payable.

Overall to invest in a Will, planned, constructed and written by a financial advisor, means peace of mind that every ‘i’ is dotted, every ‘t’ is crossed, every name is spelt correctly, and all the details are present and correct.

Once your Will has been completed by a professional, you’ll feel relieved and pleased that your loved ones will be free to mourn and say goodbye in their own time and way, rather than worrying about all the above.