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Legal Do’s & Don’ts

At Will Protect, we know that deciphering legal jargon can become a bit of a headache. As specialists in Wills, Estate Planning, Specialist Tax Planning, Conveyancing and Human Resources & Employment Law, we often want to communicate with our clients the legal situations they need to seek or avoid. So, we’ve compiled this list of Legal Do’s & Don’ts to ensure you make the correct informed decisions when necessary.

  • Do appoint Professional Executors and Trustees to work alongside your family. Dealing with financial and tax affairs whilst grieving is not for the fainthearted – professional and caring support at this time is critical
  • Do store your documents securely with the company arranging your estate planning. If you lose your documents or they perish in a fire another set can be produced for you without fuss. This also safeguards the integrity of your arrangements should anyone tamper or amend your documents.
  • Do give thought to who you wish to appoint as guardians for your children. Consider their age (if your parents for example) and location. It is also a good idea to ask them first before appointing them…
  • Do ensure that the advice you receive is protected with Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Do only work with a firm that is STEP accredited
  • Do ask your advisor as many questions as you feel that you need to. Estate Planning is the foundation of your financial and family world. Make sure you get it right…
  • Do always write a handwritten note to attach to your will if you plan to exclude anyone. Without this a relative who was expecting a legacy can challenge the exclusion in court and may have the exclusion overruled.


  • Don’t take shortcuts to save money. A basic will offers you basic protection. If you want to eliminate risks associated with Marriage after Death, Insolvency/Bankruptcy, Divorce & Separation, Generational Inheritance Tax and Care Homes Fees then a more considered approach using trusts will be essential.
  • Don’t rely on a will to nominate yourself as an organ donor. Make sure that you inform the DVLA who are far more likely to inform a hospital in time than waiting for the will to be reviewed.
  • Don’t work with a company that does not take the time to understand and appreciate your full financial and family circumstances. Estate Planning is not a one size fits all scenario and every situation is different. The advice needs to be bespoke to your circumstances.
  • Don’t employ a firm that doesn’t offer a complete start to finish service. They must revisit you to ensure that all final paperwork has been completed and signed properly as well as visit your executors and trustees to ensure that they all understand their roles and responsibilities.

Will Protect are specialists in multiple legal fields. If you are need of our guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us.
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