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There is nothing more traumatic than the thought of losing a parent, especially when it’s ‘before their time’. What will happen to the children? How can I keep our home and family together? How can we possibly carry on?
It happens. Not something we ever want to imagine but it’s a tragic fact nevertheless. Whether through illness or tragic accident every year in the UK thousands of people die and leave misery in their wake.
“We just weren’t prepared for it!” Who thinks of drafting a will in their twenties, thirties and forties? Hardly anyone does because “It will never happen to us!”
It is a tragic fact that without a will, especially if both parents pass away, children invariably end up in foster care until social services determine who is best placed to care for the children and take them into legal custody.
Should we be worrying about this happening to us? The answer to that is unfortunately yes, because if you don’t worry about it then who will?
We want to protect our family and children, look after their wellbeing and ensure that our protection carries on after we are gone.
At Will Protect we understand that these are some of the biggest fears that a person and family can consider. But the honest reality is that without the correct will in place, at the earliest possibility, your family’s future wellbeing is shrouded with financial uncertainty.

A professionally drafted Will provides secure protection of your finances, family, property and legacy. Our loved ones shouldn’t have to worry about financial matters in times of immense trauma or grief.
We provide specialist financial services to help our clients build up and protect their assets. We assist with Inheritance Tax, divorce, bankruptcy and insolvency and many other asset protection schemes to ensure you remain firmly in control of your assets. We ensure that the right wills and power of attourney are in place. The sooner these policies are put in place the more robust the protection.
Forward planning is key and time critical. We arrange wills for 40+ and can help protect assets from divorce, separation and marriage after death.
There are hundreds and thousands of horror stories where assets have been wiped out and people have lost everything from not receiving the correct guidance at the correct time. At Will Protect we are seasoned professionals at adding the right peace of mind at the earliest opportunity to protect you and your loved ones.
We encourage a consultation as first point of action. We firstly assess whether there are assets at risk and then formulate a robust protect strategy.
Forearmed is forewarned!