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A thought no one wants to think about, but nevertheless one of the most important subjects for everyone with children. What happens to them in the unfortunate event of your premature death? Who is going to take care of your children if you and your spouse is no longer around? 

Most people just assume they will live a long and healthy life, but sadly this is not the case for everybody. An unexpected illness or a tragic accident, you can never be sure what tomorrow will hold. So by putting plans in place as soon as you can is far more beneficial to ensure your wishes are followed after you pass.

By having a plan in place now means it’s not something you or your family have to worry about later on. The best way to do this is through a Will. By naming a Guardian in you Will means you can be sure your children will go to the correct people in the event of your passing.

Without naming a Guardian in your Will means the courts will have full control over who looks after your children, so it might not be someone you wanted and it might make things difficult for family left behind.

The Chosen One

Choosing the right Guardian for your children is not always a simple decision. More commonly, people tend to select two people as Guardian – usually couples who can provide a stable family environment. The responsibilities of a Guardian include day to day care and decisions about health, welfare and education. Responsibilities also include things like holidays, birthday presents and they everyday things we take for granted. They are there to give emotional and social support, they will act as a parent if you are no longer there, or able to. 

Supporting Children

Taking on the role of Guardian is not one to be entered lightly. There are circumstances in which Guardians can be called upon when both parents are not deceased in certain cases where; a surviving parent is not able to perform their duties due to being overseas with the Army, in prison, disabled or mentally incapacitated or they just refuse responsibility. 

Whilst Guardians have the daily responsibility of financial management, it is better for the financial control to be handled by someone different. Normally the Trustees of your estate.

At Will Protect we can help you put these kinds of plans in place now, rather than leaving it too late. Sitting down with one of our specialists now can save a great deal of stress and upset for your family in the future. 

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