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When you die your family will naturally begin the grieving process. Arranging a funeral at this time can be a harrowing, stressful experience for many.

Putting a funeral plan in place means that you can reduce the burden on your family of having to make all of the arrangements, and relieve them of the financial burden that comes with it.

And your plan means that your wishes are recorded and carried out according to your instructions

Let’s pick out those points and look at them in a bit more detail.

Your closest relatives and friends. 

Someone will have to make all of the arrangements for your funeral. Can you recall how you felt at the funeral of a close relative or friend? Or even having to make the arrangements for the funeral of a loved one? While a send-off gives everyone the opportunity to recall happy memories and experiences, it is, of course, tinged with sadness.

And making all of the arrangements- the church or crematorium, flowers, hearse, coffin, and all of the things that are required is stressful. Putting a funeral plan in place won’t relieve the emotional impact, but it can help to reduce the stress of arranging everything because you can, quite simply, leave instruction for your final wishes. 

Funerals are expensive

The average cost of a burial is £4321, and £3250 for a cremation.

That’s quite a burden on your family, especially as they may not have been granted probate to read your will. Funeral plans may not cover all of the costs involved in your funeral, but they will cover most of them. At a time when your family is grieving, having a plan in place means that they won’t be vulnerable to paying too much. 

The Money Advice Service has published this useful blog on funeral costs 

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Your final journey….

Maybe this is a taboo subject to you, or possibly something that you’re happy to talk about. However you look at it, decisions will have to be made, so why not make them yourself?. Alongside your financial plan why not leave some instructions for how you want to be laid to rest? Maybe you want to be cremated, or buried. Or you want a carbon neutral funeral? 

Of course, you can leave instructions in your will. But if you have plans why not tie them into the financial plans that are part of a funeral plan? 

We’ve kept this blog deliberately short, and included the Money Advice Service blog as a guide. To find out more about how funeral plans work, we’d be delighted to arrange a call with you to run through the details.

Simply drop us a line by phone or email to take a look at your options.