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Don’t Underestimate Your Life Expectancy. But don’t expect to live forever. There is no such thing as old these days, there is always someone older, like Great Aunt Jean who died in 85’ – ninety-nine years old but she looked around 200. The kids are 60 but don’t look, or act, over 40. Mum’s on Facebook and her older sister just Tweet ‘Look at my new do – ‘ She looked younger than Helen Mirren but then Helen Mirren is only 52? No, she’s 71. We may not always look like we need to make a Will, but maybe we need to act it.

We can put off the little things, painting the fence, sorting out the loft, clipping the hedge, but not, not making a Will before the time comes can mean you will never have the chance to reach out and touch those close to you again. By making a will, you have someone to talk from you. Your family will wish they could still find birthday and Christmas cards in the post, but in your will, you can say a final ‘love from’.

Once you have thought about all the things you would like to say to those close to you, you can take the next step and think about what you have and what you’d like to give, and finally, but hopefully nothing you’ll have to worry about for a very long time – especially if you’re organised – you can make the arrangement for how you’d like everyone close to you say goodbye. Funerals are a painful and emotional service that, if arranging, can create a harsh and distracting adage to an already sorrowful day but by making the arrangements while you’re still alive and kicking, confident in your life, it could mean helping those who have to see a world without you, celebrate your life with memories and smiles.

At Will Protect we have helped many, many people make a Will, and there is relief afterwards, there is peace of mind, and even a little pride – for they have just done something that will speak for them when they’re gone and tell their closest how much they loved and shared, also, how much young Lucy had loved that old green necklace. Whether monetary or sentimental, whether by a note or a trinket, leave something behind.

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