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After someone dies, it is possible for the Beneficiaries of their Estate to make changes to the distribution to the Estate. This can be done using a Deed of Variation.

After a person’s death, their affairs need to be distributed to the Beneficiaries in the Will or those entitled to inherit under the Rules of Intestacy. In some cases, following a death, there may be circumstances where the Beneficiaries in the Will wish to change the way the Estate is distributed. This would mean that the distribution of the Estate no longer aligns with the  terms of the Will. 

There can be several reasons why you may want to change the distribution of an Estate, including – 

  • Making the distributions equal between the Beneficiaries
  • Providing for someone who was not originally in the Will, such as a grandchild born after the Will was made.
  • Tidying up any uncertainty in the Will
  • Inheritance Tax planning reasons, such as including a charity as a Beneficiary

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How The Deed Works

All Beneficiaries would need to agree to a Deed of Variation, and can be prepared before or after obtaining the Grant of Probate. But, it must take place within two years of the date of death of the deceased.

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