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It is human nature to always look for cheaper options in life. But sometimes the cheaper option can actually cause you to spend a much larger amount with lots of added stress. A Will is a legal document stating your last wishes upon your death. It contains detail of how you wish your estate and assets to be distributed.

There are options out there to get a DIY Will kit, and they are retailed at a very cheap price. While an off the shelf option seems attractive for its low price, it can be a very risky approach. If you make errors, or rules are not followed correctly then the document could be invalid.

The implications of your Will being invalid can be serious. You risk leaving your family vulnerable to emotional and financial mess where your legacy is getting reduced by unnecessary tax and legal bills.

When it comes to Powers of Attorneys, if the application forms are filled in incorrectly, this could lead to a delay in your documents being able to be used. When the current minimum wait time for the Office of the Public Guardian to process these forms is approximately 3 months, any delay could be catastrophic for your loved ones.


The safest way to ensure your Will or LPA is valid is to seek the help of a professional. Here at Will Protect, we will ensure that not only are your assets passed to the people you care about, freeing them of any unnecessary stress and hassle at what is already a difficult time but more so that provision is made for those in need of care after your departure.

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