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Care Home Fees

In the UK over one million elderly people live by themselves with around 500,000 of those people spending Christmas day alone. It is a sobering statistic that may well take some of the shine off of what is usually always a joyous time of year. Nevertheless it is a fact that must be addressed; and it must not be ignored.

We will always worry about our relatives. It is completely natural for us to want to protect them and their wellbeing just as they protected us for so long as we grew from children into adults. Care homes are of course designed to provide and care for the physical needs of our relatives. What is often overlooked however is that these homes when managed and maintained properly also provide a much needed social network. People who may well have counted themselves within the aforementioned one million and/or the aforementioned 500,000 are, in a carehome, part of a sociable and close “family” environment that would otherwise be entirely absent from their lives.
Care home fees can be extremely costly. Fees in the South East of England can be as high as £2000 per week!

Our parents gave us so much in helping us segway from childhood into adulthood. They did this whilst also saving for their retirement! They built and kept a home, raised a family and they may have even kept a nest egg for those “just in case” moments. At Will Protect we understand that the latter years are a time of relaxation and reflection. Our elderly relatives should not have to worry about money.

We provide specialist financial services that help our clients build and protect their assets. We can help you with Inheritance tax, divorce, bankruptcy, insolvency and much more. Our services will ensure that you remain firmly in control of your assets; no matter what the circumstances may be. We also ensure that the right wills and power of attorney are enacted and upheld. The sooner these policies are put in action the more robust the protection.
We do not want your situation to become another horror story. Because there are so many out there nowadays. We do not want your loved ones assets to be completely effaced for no other reason than poor planning. At Will Protect, we have a team of industry leading professionals that are employed to give you peace of mind.

We urge you to seek a consultation with us at your earliest convenience. We will then formulate a protection strategy. Forearmed is forewarned! Email gavin@hawkhurstai.com for more!