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Whatever the future holds, Will Protect ensure that not only are your assets passed to the people you care about, freeing them of any unnecessary stress and hassle at what is already a difficult time, but more so that provision is made for those in need of care after your departure.


As an example of the services we offer, an 80 year old lady who was unfortunately diagnosed with Alzheimers Disease, assumed that it was too late for her to write a Will, as well as Asset Protection Trusts and lasting Powers of Attorneys.

With the support from her Husband and their Children, we at Will Protect invited the lady, her family and a Doctor from The Memory Clinic to our consultancy meeting. The Doctor then assessed the elderly lady on her ability to understand what we were proposing to her.

The Doctor confirmed that the Client understood the proposal and signed the relevant documentation to declare this. We then checked with the office of public guardian, as well as our legal support team, both of which confirmed that we could proceed with the Lady’s requirements.

The client now has a will and flexible family trust set up in her name and is free to leave her possessions to her family. She also has lasting powers of attorney for property & finance, as well as health & welfare. This means that if her condition deteriorates, that her husband can act on her behalf.

The family can worry no more with regards to their respective Wife and Mother’s wishes.


This case study shows:

  • It is always worth seeking a medical professional opinion if a client is in the early stages of Alzheimers or Dementia. They may still have testamentary capacity and therefore be permitted to sign legal documents.
  • It is prudent to avoid making assumptions about what is possible.
  • By involving the family and the doctor in the meeting everything is explicit and out in the open.
  • The family are happy with the outcome and can spend quality time with the elderly lady.

Will Protect are here to help you through the tough dealings after a loved one’s death or incapacity, we realise the benefits of investing in estate planning that can determine the outcome of your prized possessions falling into the wrong hands. We believe it’s best to be prepared at your earliest convenience.

The long term benefits of sooner rather than later are always there – more time, more additions to your Will if needed.

Enquire for more information on our services through Will Protect, you can contact us via our email address – admin@willprotect.co.uk – alternatively, you can call us on 0345 894 8441.