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Your 2021 Estate Planning To-Do List: Part #2

In Part #1 of our blog, we looked at the first steps to take to get your estate planning affairs in order. We focussed on getting all of the information together that you will need to get started properly: 1. Research 2. Get a Notepad. No really! 3. Record your assets...

Your 2021 Estate Planning To-Do List: Part #1

It's 2021 at last, and we're back in a national lockdown. The perfect opportunity to run through all those jobs that get put aside every year for a time when it's a bit quieter... And one of those jobs is surely getting your estate planning affairs in order. Whatever...

#2 Ways to Protect your Business Against External Threat

Protecting a business against external threat might seem like a tall order, but actually, there are two key things that you can do to protect your business.  Among those threats could be: bankruptcy divorce civil legal actions The Basics of protecting against...

Funeral Plans – what you need to know

When you die your family will naturally begin the grieving process. Arranging a funeral at this time can be a harrowing, stressful experience for many. Putting a funeral plan in place means that you can reduce the burden on your family of having to make all of the...

Trusts and Divorce: Our Guide

No one plans to get married so that they can get divorced, but it is perfectly sensible to plan to protect the inheritance of your children from unexpected circumstances. Trusts and divorce are complex areas where the personal finances of the couple divorcing, their children and families, and even businesses can become embroiled in tension and lengthy legal issues.