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As the Marvel comic based film, ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ suggests, a theme of superheros is much what a Guardian can be in times of bereavement. A responsible guardian is someone you have named in your Will as the person you would like to take care of your children if they are orphaned before reaching the adult age of 18.

This is something we never want to imagine but it’s a tragic fact, nevertheless. Whether this may come to the forefront through illness or a tragic accident, every year in the UK thousands of people die and leave misery in their wake for unfortunate relatives to pick up the baton.

Should we be worrying about this happening to us? The answer to that is unfortunately yes, because if you don’t worry about it then who will?

With this in mind, you should think about naming chosen guardians for your children in your Will, with the worst case scenario of invariably ending up in foster care until social services determine who is best placed to care for the children and take them into legal custody.

Before doing this you will need to approach the people you would like to appoint as guardians to find out whether they are willing and able to take on this responsibility. Another thought for the future might be to appoint alternative guardians, who will take their place if your intended guardians pass away.

The Chosen One

Appointing a legal guardian for your children is obviously an important decision, the chosen person or persons needs to be the right fit for your family and have your offspring’s best interests at heart.

While you may opt for just one Guardian, you can also opt for another chosen person to take on responsibilities – this is more commonly given to a couple who could provide a stable family environment.

These responsibilities may include day-to-day care, decisions on education, health and welfare. Usually a Guardian will also be one of the Trustees for the property and their finances, this will then be held in trust for the child/children until they reach the age of 18.

Taking on someone’s children and creating a family feel can be a hard task to take on, but many are willing and able to handle the responsibility of caring for your child/children on a long-term basis – only you can decide whether they are the right choice.

Put The Decision of Your Chosen Guardian Into Your Hands

If you fail to appoint guardians in your Will and your children are orphaned before they reach 18, the courts will appoint guardians instead, but they might not necessarily choose your preferred option to have care of your children.

By appointing your chosen guardians you will have the peace of mind that your children are looked after by the people that you have chosen and see the best fit for the role.

At Will Protect we understand that these are some of the biggest fears that a person and family can consider. But the honest reality is that without the correct will in place, at the earliest possibility, your family’s future wellbeing could be full of financial uncertainty.

These professionally drafted Wills provide secure protection of your finances, property and legacy for the future. Will Protect we are seasoned professionals at adding the right peace of mind at the earliest opportunity to protect you and your loved ones. 

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